We are passionate about our customers. We work together to create unrivalled experiences.


At KFC, we pride ourselves on our great tasting food, and believe that distinctive food relies on authentic recipes and great produce. We are committed to using fresh*, quality chicken and the freshest local ingredients from trusted suppliers to create the signature taste that our customers know and love.


The traditional taste of the Colonel’s Original Recipe Chicken with his 11 secret herbs and spices, combined with modern dining facilities and quick, efficient service makes KFC a popular choice for individuals and families looking for a fast, convenient and tasty meal.


*Chicken pieces and breast fillets only. Excludes emergency stock.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a Mexican-inspired quick service restaurant brand started by Glen Bell in 1962 in Southern California.


His dream saw the introduction of food you could hold in your hands, and in your heart. Food that was as much about what’s in it, as who’s around you when you’re enjoying it. And so, Taco Bell became a global sensation, symbolising a movement of agile, trailblazing individuals unafraid to Live Más.