“Consistent Quality Wins”

Collins Foods is proud to support Australian manufacturers and service providers, and purchases Australian made products wherever possible.


Collins Foods sources the freshest, quality products from all across Australia to guarantee KFC and Taco Bell customers receive only the best. For many years Collins Foods has worked closely with Australian suppliers to ensure they all meet the stringent specifications we demand.


KFC and Taco Bell are regularly adapting their products to suit customers’ demands. With the assistance of suppliers, new tastes, styles and flavours are introduced to their menus on a regular basis.


Collins Foods is committed to forging lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships with its suppliers.


If you believe your organisation could contribute to the Collins Foods business, please send proposals via email to [email protected].


Code of Conduct

At Collins Foods, we are committed to conducting our business in an ethical, legal and socially responsible manner. Our Supply Chain Management Code of Conduct (Code) outlines the rules and standards of conduct that apply to third parties in Collins Foods’ food production and supply chain.


Compliance with this Code is a condition of doing business with Collins Foods and conducting business with Collins Foods is deemed to be an implicit confirmation by Suppliers of their ongoing compliance with this Code.

Application to Suppliers and Distributors

This Code applies to all third‐party suppliers of goods and/or services to Collins Foods including raw materials, components, systems, ingredients, consumables, goods, packaging and other products and related services (Suppliers), any third parties appointed as distributors for Collins Foods (Distributors), and their employees, agents, contractors and representatives (Personnel).


Suppliers and Distributors must ensure that all Personnel engaged in connection with the supply of goods/services to Collins Foods, whether they be located in or outside Australia, expressly undertake to comply with this Code that covers various topics including but not limited to:

  • animal welfare
  • antitrust and fair competition
  • chain of responsibility
  • confidential information
  • conflicts of interest
  • compliance with laws
  • employment and work practices
  • environmental sustainability
  • food safety, quality and integrity
  • gifts and entertainment
  • insider trading
  • bribes, unlawful payments and other corrupt practices
  • social media
  • up‐stream suppliers