Corporate Governance

Ethics and integrity

Collins Foods’ board and management adopts high standards of corporate governance, recognising this not only protects and enhances stakeholder interests but is also critical to our ongoing success.


We are committed to maintaining ethical standards in our business activities.

Our Group Code of Conduct and our Supply Chain Code of Conduct describe the standards of behaviour that give effect to Collins Foods’ values considered to be essential to our continued success in the short, medium and long term.

We expect our employees to conduct themselves with openness, honesty, fairness and integrity, and in the best interests of the group in all business transactions and dealings with others — including their colleagues, shareholders, joint venture partners, suppliers, creditors, financiers, the financial markets, governments, and the general public. As an ASX-listed corporation, we respect and support the integrity of the market where investors trade in Collins Foods’ shares and from which we access capital.


Accordingly, the Board has created a framework for managing Collins Foods including adopting relevant internal controls, risk management processes and corporate governance policies and practices which it believes are appropriate for Collins Foods’ business and which are designed to promote the responsible management and conduct of Collins Foods.


The main policies and practices adopted by Collins Foods, are summarised below. In addition, many governance elements are contained in the Constitution of Collins Foods Limited. The Collins Foods’ Code of Conduct outlines how Collins Foods expects Directors and employees to behave and conduct business in a range of circumstances. In particular, the Code of Conduct requires awareness of, and compliance with, laws and regulations relevant to Collins Foods’ operations, including WHS, risk management, privacy and employment and diversity practices. Collins Foods’ key policies and practices and the charters for the Board and each of its committees can be found in the Key Policies section of this webpage.


The ASX Corporate Governance Council has developed and released corporate governance principles and recommendations for Australian listed entities in order to promote investor confidence and to assist companies to meet stakeholder expectations. The recommendations are not prescriptions, but guidelines. However, Collins Foods provides a corporate governance statement disclosing the extent to which it has followed the recommendations in the reporting period. Where Collins Foods has not followed a recommendation, it identifies the recommendation that has not been followed and gives reasons for not following it.